Sales of Kia’s all-new K7 top 10,000 units


Published: 2016-02-02 14:04
Updated: 2016-02-02 14:04

Kia Motors Corp., Korea’s second-ranked carmaker, said Tuesday that it has sold more than 10,000 units of its all-new K7 sedan since its launch by appealing to relatively young people with its upgraded features and affordability, company officials said.

The sales figure included around 7,500 preorders received before its official launch last week. The daily orders for the second-generation K7 were estimated at 660 units, larger than 483 units sold every day for its previous model, according to the officials.

Those in their 40s were its main targeted customer group but the latest contract data showed that relatively younger customers are also showing keen interest in the all-new K7.

More than four out of every 10 customers cited the head-up display as one of the most sought-after options, followed by the premium KRELL audio system with 37.1 percent, and the driving safety pack with 35.4 percent, a survey conducted by the company showed.

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K7 Launches with KRELL Premium Sound


KRELL Premium Sound

“The High-End Audio Brand, ‘KRELL’ applied to the Kia K7 Sound System, reproduces the original sound experience.”

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PHAZ P2 at CES 2016, and more on the way

20160107_122151sm charge while you listen

PHAZ P2 is ready,

Phaz Acoustically Tuned 2

More is on the way: Bluetooth P3…..

And Digital Ear buds (24Bit/96kHz D/A converter and chip amplifier located inside in-line 3-Button control brick). No more 3.5mm Analog connection.



March and April 2016 !

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KRELL Sound Arrives in the Kia K7 (January 11, 2016 @ 18:43)

Korean Herald

The K7 tuning provides system performance that reflects KRELL’s  three performance goals:

  • Musical Detail
  • Three-dimensional sound presentation
  • Extreme volume dynamic capability

KRELL sound is lively and unconstrained, evoking a live performance and the true instrumental sound, recreating the recording the way the musicians intended listeners to experience.

A KRELL system does not draw attention to itself but presents a precise, energetic presentation with an openness that demonstrates to the listener that no compromises were made during the development of the product.

To achieve these performance goals the tuning activities focused on providing a balanced spectral presentation on all channels, provide a well-defined sound stage that extends to the left and right edge of the instrument panel with a focused center image, and a level of envelopment that allows the listener a sense of the recording space, while maintaining uncompromised dynamic capability.

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A New Partnership On Its Way……….

Bran Alliance (2015Dec)

An exciting new OEM Brand Partnership will be announced in January 2016 !


Keep checking in with us. We’re growing….


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It’s been a long, long, long time……

Phaz P2P2

The Phaz P2 is here. We were glad to help.

  quote…/over-headphone-with-patented-in…charge while you listen

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Konzept-X GmbH and JJR Acoustics, LLC, USA, form a Strategic Partnership

KX - JJR logos

July 3, 2014. Karlsruhe, Germany. Martinsville, Indiana USA.

Konzept-X GmbH and JJR Acoustics, LLC, Martinsville, USA, announced today that they have entered into a strategic partnership in the area of multiphysical simulation. Under the agreement, partners intend to offer multiphysical simulation solutions to the car manufacturers in the U.S.A., South Korea, Japan and China.

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You know what this happy face means ?


Infected Mushroom ‏@infected
You know what this happy face means ? Studio sounds F’ amazing ! Thank u roger @jjracoustics and Alfred @konzept-x

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Testing, … 1, 2…, testing…. & Simulation

October 11, 2013. © JJR Acoustics, LLC. (Updated 11-22-2016)

Testing headphones…..

Testing Cars, Amps, & Processors…….


Acoustical & Impedance Data Acquisition….


Headset (et al) Acoustic Measurements….


Common Headset Areas of Influence….

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You liked the MUNITIO PRO40™ Glad JJR Acoustics could help!

August 29, 2013.  © JJR Acoustics, LLC.


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